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Pass that dutch, pass that dutch (Ah, ah) Pass that dutch, pass that dutch (Whoo) Misdemeanor on the flow, pretty boy here I come Pumps in the bunk make you wanna hurt something I can take your man I don't have to sex em Hang em out the window call me Micheal Jackson I'm a pain in your rectum, I am that bitch y'all slept on.

The song lyrics on this page are generated using a language model named GPT-2, which was created by OpenAI. Jason is so Old: Jason 's so old he owes Jesus a nickel. 7 Best Song Lyric Generators: Unbiased Review. Challenge your friends or use RapScript in fullscreen at your next live gig or cypher. The random words generated by the tool can be. I am a pretty little Dutch girl, As pretty as pretty can be, be, be, And all the boys on the baseball team are chasing after me, me, me. My father came from England, My mother came from.

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Finale Act 2 Lyrics: Funny / Did you hear that? / Funny / Yeah, the guy said / "Honey, you're a funny girl" / That's me / I just keep ‘em in stitches / Doubled in half / And though I may be all.

Cornet Man. Don't Rain On My Parade. Find Yourself A Man. Funny Girl. Henry Street. His Love Makes Me Beautiful. I Want To Be Seen With You Tonight. I'd Rather Be Blue Over You. I'm The Greatest Star.

I am a pretty little Dutch girl, As pretty as I can be, be, be, And all the boys in the baseball team Go crazy over me, me, me. My boy friend’s name is Fatty, He comes from the.

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